Łukasz Stocki iOS Developer

My name is Lucas and I’m an iOS Developer since iOS5 seen the daylight. That means that I have started when Objective-C was king. Today I use Swift. I do love both of the languages as if they were my own children. Each one has something unique to offer.


Lekko Technologiczny / Slightly Technological 🇵🇱
With my friends we run a YouTube channel where we teach iOS developer related topics. We talk about how to start in iOS development and some down low level more advanced stuff. It’s in Polish so don’t be surprised if you cant understand anything.

Composition over inheritance 🇬🇧
Live Demo done for vpTech. In about 45 minutes I show why many developers prefer composition over inheritance. As one controversial topic you can see heavy use of custom operators to make composition less chatty. This one is in English so enjoy.

Kompozycja jest lepsza niż dziedziczenie / Composition is better than inheritance 🇵🇱
The is no right or wrong when it comes to architecture decisions. And in this article I’m showing why in some cases using compositional thinking leads to a system that is easier to maintain.

Wykorzystanie operatorów w kompozycji / Use of custom operators in composition 🇵🇱
One picture is worth a thousand words and one operator can hide a lot of code clutter and better express intention of the programmer. In this article I show a operators starter pack.

Nil nie istnieje / There’s no such thing as nil 🇵🇱
Sometimes good relationships begin from a lie. I would argue that’s the case with Swift and how it’s training nil which is a Objective-C concept. This time I’m taking a look behind a curtain to see how Swift works to make all of this nil Optional magic work.